Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shed/Playhouse/Chicken Coop

My husband wanted to build a shed. I wanted a playhouse for the kids. Life is all about compromise. :) While we were at it, we decided to add a place for some chickens. Here is our completed shed/playhouse/chicken coop.

Also, if you can't find a slide to fit your playhouse dimensions, just make your own out of unused sewer pipe!

The ladder leads to this hatch door, which in on a hydraulic hinge.

Inside, I decided to paint the walls with "framed" quotes.

The kids each got to paint in a frame as well. James chose to paint Mario.


  1. First, Are you anywhere near Michigan so I can come and take a look at it? And, where can you get unused sewer pipe?
    I am looking for ideas to build a shed/play house/play structure for the kids. Yours is the closest to what I've had in my head so far.